The 77th Annual Showdown between North Quincy High School and Quincy High School


Quincy High School 1980


North Quincy High School (By Fullobeans – Own work)

In Quincy, Massachusetts, there are two public high schools- North Quincy High School (“North”)  and Quincy High School (“Quincy.) We lived in a house within a block of Beale Street, the geographical boundary between the two schools. I spent grades one through six at Wollaston School. Wollaston School was on Beale Street, so many of its students went on to North. Most of my grammar-school friends went to North. However, living on the south side of Beale Street, I went to Quincy High. 

In my teens, I spent many Thanksgiving mornings at “the stadium” watching the two schools fight it out on the football field for bragging rights for the upcoming year.  My wife, Helen, went to North. Her two sisters and their husbands all went to North. Even my two younger brothers went to North due to a change to the boundary line after I left. 

In all the years (nearly fifty) and miles (Virginia, California, and Florida) since high school, Helen and I have kept up with the Thanksgiving football game. More often than not, I have been the one with bragging rights. Not so for 2009. This year, the Patriot Ledger reports:

In Quincy, The annual Thanksgiving Day football game between cross-city rivals Quincy and North Quincy was played at Veterans Stadium. This year, North Quincy broke Quincy’s winning streak. Going into 2009, Quincy High School had compiled a 42-29-5 record against its rival.  North Quincy High won its first Turkey Day game against Quincy High since 1988. The final score was North Quincy 21, Quincy 6. 




I can only say one more thing: 

Wait ’til Next Year!

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