Sixteen Years of Bowflex Workouts

In June of 1982, after five years of physical inactivity, I decided that it was time to get back in shape. When I retired from the Navy in 1977, I went right to work as an accountant for a small retail/construction/service company. I also was enrolled in the accounting program at the junior college. In January, 1978, I transferred to the University of North Florida. I spent the next four years working full-time during the day, and attending college at night. When I finished my master’s program in December, 1981, I immediately started a CPA review course that used nearly every waking moment that I wasn’t at work. Between working, attending classes, and studying, my brain got a real workout. However, I was overweight and really out of shape. So, after I finished my CPA examinations in May, 1981, I resolved to get back in shape.

First, I joined a local gym. I am a “morning person,” so I found a fitness center that opened at 6 A.M. I faithfully reported to the gym three mornings a week, and worked out three days per week for about thirteen years. On non-workout days, I jogged from my home to Jacksonville Beach where I ran along the beach. A problem that kept recurring was that the fitness centers would fail to open on time. Also, over the years four or five of those centers would close down leaving me looking for a new place to work out.

In March of 1994, after suffering the frustrations of local fitness facilities that kept changing their hours, failing to open on time, or closing down due to mis-management, I decided to obtain my own fitness equipment. Our kids had all moved out, leaving extra space in our home to set up a “workout room.” After considerable research, I decided upon a Bowflex for simulated weight-lifting activity. I also purchased a dip/chinup station, and a situp board. For cardiovascular activity, I would continue to jog, but get a stationary recumbent bike for inclement weather. Later, I replaced the joint-jolting running on the streets with an elliptical machine in my home gym. 


My Home Workout Room (2009)

Since 1994, I have faithfully worked out on the Boxflex three to four times a week only missing on those occasions when I was out of town. As of January, 2010, my Bowflex log shows 2,138 workouts.


Chinup/Dip Station and Eliptical



My Bowflex
Bowflex Rods show a little wear


My Recumbent Bike
Schwinn Eliptical Machine


   Needless to say, my Bowflex investment has paid off in gym dues savings. I guess my body is in decent shape for a guy with all these years. My intent never was body-building. I just want to stay as fit as I can. I know working out still makes me FEEL young.


Here is how Bow Flex advertised their Power Pro in 1994:


Bow Flex, Inc.

2200 NE 65th Ave.

Vancouver, WA. 98661

The Bowflex Power Pro is our #1 selling machine, and it’s easy to see why. It has a full list of features and special design enhancements that make your workouts more effective and enjoyable.


It even folds up to conserve space when you aren’t using it!

If one machine is all your home has room for, this is the one you need.



64 exercises

Standard height polyurethane bench

Aerobic rowing capability

Leg press belt

210 lb power rod pack

No-Time-Limit warranty

Demonstration video

Workout poster

Training manual


And From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“The Bowflex grew out of a now expired patent first conceived by an Ethiopian engineering student in San Francisco, Tessema Dosho Shifferaw. Bowflex of America, Inc. began marketing the first product, The Bowflex 2000X in 1986. Bowflex of America changed its name to Bowflex, Inc, and became a public company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1999 the company changed its name to Direct Focus, Inc. and initiated an IPO on Nasdaq. 


“With the success of Bowflex, the company bought the Nautilus Corporation, Schwinn Fitness, and Stairmaster Fitness. In 2002 the company moved to the NYSE and renamed itself The Nautilus Group and is now Nautilus, Inc. which owns and markets the Bowflex along with Nautilus, Schwinn Excercise, Stairmaster and Pearl Izumi lines among other brands.”

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