Back on the Signal Bridge

I spent a few days on the Carolina coast. I stopped at Wilmington to go aboard the battleship USS North Carolina (BB-55) which is now a memorial there. Of course, I shot a few photos of the ship. Here are several of those photos.

View from the fantail looking forward over turret 3


 Foremast and superstructure. Note the ship’s callsign flags (NIBK)

As a former Navy signalman, I enjoyed spending some time on the North Carolina’s signal bridge where I shot the following photos-

Flag bag (signal-flag container)

24″ Signal Light

While I was there, while leaning on the port flag bag and using my cell phone, I called my old shipmate, Bob Stockton, and said “Stockton, this is Forrest on the signal bridge.” It was just like old times!

I have posted more photos of the battleship on my photo site at  I’d love it if you took a look!


Originally written by Allen Forrest on May 31, 2011


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