My Infrared Photography

A few years ago, I became very interested in the surreal effects other photographers were achieving using more that just the light spectrum that is visible to humans. The near-infrared band, not visible to the human eye, can be recorded with cameras that allow that light to be recorded. I shot the photos shown here and in the “Special Effects” section of my photo website with digital cameras that have the infrared-blocking filters removed. I have performed extensive editing on most of these pictures using Photoshop. I hope you enjoy them!

J.C. Penney Memorial Scenic Highway, Clay County, Florida
Old Chevrolet truck at Ye Olde Red Barn
Old Chevrolet truck at Ye Olde Red Barn
1915 H.C. Smith Store, Heritage Village, Largo, Florida
Barberville Roadside Yard Art & Produce near Pierson, Florida
St. Johns River, Green Cove Springs
North Carolina
John Blue House in Laurinburg, North Carolina was built in 1895
"Rediscover Early Florida"  Church
“Rediscover Early Florida” exhibit at Clay County Fairgrounds
May-Stringer House
May-Stringer House, Brooksville, Florida

There are many more in the Special Effects section of my photo site. I’d love it if you took a look!

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