“Madison’s Horse: More Stories from the Old School, Politically Incorrect Navy” by Bob Stockton

Madison's Horse Book Cover
Madison’s Horse Book Cover

“Madison’s Horse: More Stories from the Old School, Politically Incorrect Navy” by Bob Stockton

I just finished reading and here is my short review

I spent twenty years in the U.S. Navy (many of those years aboard ships,) during the same time as Chief Stockton. However, all of my sea duty was spent aboard Atlantic Coast ships and I never made it to the Far East. Of course I heard many stories about “WestPac” cruises and “In-Country” Vietnam-war service from other sailors but I always felt that I had missed something in my Navy career. Reading the “Madison’s Horse” collection and others of Bob’s books have given me the feeling that I was there with him.. Bob’s stories have filled a missing spot in my Navy memories.

The short story “Papa San” is one of my favorites! I was really disappointed to read that “Bar Michi” is no longer there. I’ll always wonder what was in “Beehive Bobbie’s” note. Both of those stories hit an emotional note with me.

I’ll never get tired of reading Bob Stockton’s sea stories, and I’m always looking forward to his next book. I very highly recommend all of Bob’s books for everyone and especially for other sailors from that era.

The description of the book at Amazon reads

A submarine’s up close and personal encounter with a snoozing whale, a dilapidated bread truck forging fearlessly ahead in a blizzard, a beautiful and enigmatic waitress who lived her life on her own terms, an alcoholic horse who refuses to leave a bar. Twelve stories that cover the emotional spectrum from hilariously funny to tragic are found in award-winning storyteller Bob Stockton’s tenth book, Madison’s Horse: More Stories from the Old School, Politically Incorrect Navy.

Madison’s Horse gives the reader another sampling of Bob Stockton’s retrospection from the U.S. Navy spanning three decades of the Cold War and Vietnam era, where young men went to sea, fought a war and came ashore after long periods at sea to let off steam in the ports of far-off and not so far-off lands.

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable and delve into the memories of an old school Navy veteran who has a unique flair for spinning a ripping good story.

To view and buy the book take a look at “Madison’s Horse” at Amazon.com

“About the Author” at Amazon reads

Trenton, New Jersey native Bob Stockton left high school in1957 to join the Navy, where he served for 20 years, sailing the seven seas.His duty assignments sent him to serve aboard destroyers, diesel electric submarines, aircraft carriers, auxiliary vessels, reconnaissance attack squadrons and patrol gunboats in Vietnam. Bob, who retired as a chief petty officer, went on to receive undergraduate and graduate degrees. Since retiring from the Navy, Bob has worked as a shipyard welder’s helper, epidemiologist, adjunct graduate instructor, small business owner, pharmaceutical trainer and international radio host.

Exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam led to theVeterans Administration declaring Bob fully disabled. He now lives near his three children, four grandchildren and one great-grandson-in-waiting in Jacksonville, Florida.

To see all of Bob’s books, visit Bob Stockton’s Book Page at Amazon.com

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