The Early Bird Catches the Sunrise!

Sunrise over the Atlantic as seen from Mayport, Florida, Naval Station
St. Augustine Beach, Florida

I’m a (very) early riser. On days that I go out for photoshoots, I am often up and out well before sunrise to get pictures of the sunrise from different places. Frequently, I’m there before sunrise during the blue hour to get shots before the sun rises. Please take a look at my post ” l’heure bleue, French for The Blue Hour ” for several of those photos.

Here are a couple of my favorite sunrise photos. [Click on a Photo to Enlarge It!]

On the St. Johns River, Palatka, Florida. Shot with iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Nombre de Dios , a Spanish Catholic mission in St. Augustine, Florida.
Tampa Sunrise as seen from Rocky Point
as seen from West Point, Kentucky

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