Bob Hope – Thanks For The Memory

Many of us who were around for the early days of television have fond memories of the Bob Hope USO specials that he put on for the troops around the world each Christmas for many years. I was lucky enough to see his tour perform aboard the U.S.S. Shangri-La in Naples in the early 1960’s. 

Bob’s (adopted) son, Kelly, came through boot camp in San Diego in the late 1960’s while I was training recruits there. Of course, Bob attended his son’s graduation ceremony. When Kelly’s company passed the reviewing stand, the band changed the music from its traditional march to “Thanks For The Memory” in honor of Bob.

The photos in this video with Bob Hope and Shirley Ross singing Bob’s theme song will bring back memories to all of us who are old enough to remember and a tear to many of our eyes.


“Thanks For The Memory” -Shirley Ross & Bob Hope (“The Big Broadcast of1938”)

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