Happy 101st Birthday to Baseball Legend Mary Pratt of Quincy

Saturday Nov. 30, 2019 was the 101st birthday of baseball icon Mary Pratt of Quincy.

All-American and former women’s baseball league start Mary Pratt who is honored on her 100th birthday at Grove Manor Estates, holds a photo of the team she played with, Friday, November 30, 2018. Gary Higgins/The Patriot Ledger”

Another person from Quincy, Massachusetts, the city where I was born and grew up is honored on her birthday. It was a few years after I had watched and thoroughly enjoyed the movie “A League of Their Own” before I realized that we had the star pitcher from that league living among us and teaching physical education at North Quincy High School where my brothers and my wife, had gone to school. You can check out the details of the movie “A League of Their Own” at Wikipedia.

From The Patriot Ledger: 

QUINCY — Saturday Nov. 30 is the 101st birthday of baseball legend Mary Pratt, who spent five summers pitching in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1943 to 1947 and saw that story told in the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own.”

Afterward, she returned to Quincy and taught physical education and influenced hundreds of girls and young women in the Quincy school system.

A year ago, Mary Pratt celebrated her 100th birthday to great fanfare and a party at Grove Manor Estates in Braintree where she had moved to the memory care wing from 1000 Southern Artery in Quincy. She has since moved to another care facility.

Pratt quickly warmed to the 100th birthday occasion, sang her old Rockford Peaches team song, then turned philosophical. “The good things I used to think about sports . . . memories, you live on with them, because baseball is baseball, whether it’s today, or tomorrow or 50 years ago,” she said.

Known in her day as an outstanding pitcher for her controlled slingshot, or windmill windup, Pratt went on to teach physical education in Quincy and Braintree.

Read the rest of the story and check out some amazing photos (including a photo of an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League card of Mary Pratt from the 1940s.) at The Patriot Ledger.

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