Ancestors of Elsie Louise Stoddard Locke

Elsie and Arthur Locke circa 1944

Click on the link above to download and view a file showing nineteen generations of ancestors of Elsie Louise Stoddard, daughter of Daniel Webster Stoddard and Sarah Elizabeth Allen born on 16 April 1884 in North Scituate, Massachusetts.

Historical Figures

Peregrine White, son of William White and Susannah Fuller was born on 19 December 1620 in Provincetown, Massachusetts aboard The Mayflower. Peregrine White was granted land as “first of the English that was borne in these ptes.”

Gideon Young fought in the Revolutionary War (service as private in the 6th regiment, Massachusetts Line, under Captain Wattles and Col. Calvin Smith) which qualified Elsie Louise Stoddard membership in the organization, “Daughters of the Revolution of 1776,” back in the 1930s. That organization thought itself superior to the Daughters of the American Revolution due the DR’s stricter membership requirements.

Prepared By: Allen Wright Forrest


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