Pelican Attacks Dolphin at Hudson Beach

Pelican and Dolphin Fight

I had the pleasure to visit Florida’s Nature Coast a couple of weeks ago. While in that area, I always try to visit the little area called “Hudson Beach.” Hudson and its beach is on the Gulf of Mexico in Pasco County, and is a nice little community. This time, while strolling the walkway along the beach, I spotted an aggressive pelican going after a dolphin in the small bay there. Here are several photos that I shot of that encounter.

Hudson, Florida

Hudson, Florida

I’m disappointed that I never got to see or photograph the dolphin’s head. However, a close look will show that dolphin’s fin and body.

Here are several more photos of that pleasant little area. If you ever get a chance to visit, I think you will enjoy yourself. There are some good restaurants in the area.

Hudson Beach, Florida. (Shot with iPhone 12 Pro Max)
Hudson, Florida (Shot with iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Hudson Beach, Florida (Shot with iPhone 12 Pro Max)

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2 thoughts on “Pelican Attacks Dolphin at Hudson Beach

  1. I used to live right there on the water and watched these dolphins multiple times per week. I saw this fighting between them a few times! Crazy! I believe this poor dolphin has a broken or injured fin. For a while, it was bent considerably. Hudson beach is a beautiful secret. Thank you!


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