“The World’s Largest Truck Show”

Last week, I spent three days in Daytona Beach attending a tax conference. We were all surprised to see so many very large and high-off-the-ground pickup trucks all over town. We soon learned that Daytona’s speedway was hosting “The World’s Largest Truck Show.”

The Shores Resort Photo

Our tax conference was held at The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Shores (just south of Daytona Beach.) It is a beautiful resort and I was able to shoot photos (with my iPhone) of a couple of the trucks parked outside the resort that were in town for the truck show.

High Roller Motor Sports Entry

Two (Normal) Ford F-150s

As I drove around town to and from my hotel, restaurants, etc, I saw a huge number of the trucks. They seemed to be everywhere. I was surprised to see that Ram (f/k/a Dodge) Trucks seemed to outnumber the other manufacturers. I assume that the Rams are the favorites of the truck enthusiasts. I was encouraged to find that most of the drivers of the “large and loud” trucks were driving very responsibly.

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