“Shoeless Joe” Jackson House

“Shoeless Joe Jackson” Historical Marker outside his former house that is now a museum.

“Shoeless Joe Jackson House”

As lifelong Boston Red Sox baseball fans, Helen and I were excited to go to Greenville, South Carolina, to attend a baseball game at Fluor Field, “Little Fenway Park of the South.” When Greenville became the new home of Red Sox Class ‘A’ affiliate, the “Greenville Drive,” they rebuilt their baseball park to resemble Boston’s Fenway Park.

We went there in 2006 and I wrote about our visit in my earlier post.

“Shoeless Joe” Jackson House, built in 1940, was the last home of “Shoeless Joe” Jackson (1888-1951) one of the greatest natural hitters in the history of baseball. The house currently sits just outside of Fluor Field, Greenville, SC, home of the Greenville Drive (Boston Red Sox Class ‘A’ affiliate)

I went back to Greenville in 2011 and visited the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum which sits across the street from Fluor Field and shot this photo. The building, which is now the museum, was Joe and Katie’s final home. When they lived there, it was located at 119 E. Wilburn Avenue in Greenville and was later moved to the location across from the ballpark.

A couple of days ago, I was surprised to receive an email from the museum. Apparently, I had included my email address in the visitor log while I was there about nine years ago. Interestingly, they have moved the house again, (but this time only about 100 yards) and are expanding the building to make more room for its contents. The letter mentioned

"The street address became 356 Field Street, which was chosen as a way to honor Joe’s .356 career batting average, the third- highest in baseball history."
Two weeks ago, on Friday, July 31, our museum was moved. Like, the whole building. As you may or may not know, the building that has been our museum since we opened was the actual house Joe and Katie Jackson lived in for over a decade. In 1941, they bought the brick home at 119 E. Wilburn Avenue in Greenville, South Carolina. They lived out the rest of their days in that home, with Joe passing away in 1951, and Katie in 1959.

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If you are a baseball fan and are ever in the Greenville area of “upstate” South Carolina, I think you would enjoy a visit. You can find more info on their website HERE. I know I will be going back soon!

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Fenway Park in The South

In 2006, Helen and I spent a couple of days in “upstate South Carolina.” We stayed in Gaffney, and drove over to Greenville to attend a Greenville Drive baseball game. We are lifetime Red Sox fans, and the Drive became the Red Sox class ‘A’ league affiliate (South Atlantic League) a couple of years ago. Upstate South Carolina is the area in the northwest part of the state, near the North Carolina line. Gaffney and Greenville are about an hour south of Asheville and the Smokey Mountains. We think it’s a beautiful area with its rolling hills and southern charm. 

Fluor Field at the West End

When Greenville’s team became a part of the Red Sox organization, they rebuilt their baseball park to resemble Boston’s Fenway Park. The Drive’s website gives the following description of their park which is named “Fluor Field at the West End:”

–State of the art Mini Fenway park with interactive video screen, party deck, grassy berm seating, group picnic area, plus more

–Greenville’s own Green Monster is 30´ high with manual scoreboard; there is a Pesky Pole, same notch in center field fence, 310 down LF and 302 down RF.

-Fun new on-field entertainment and community events at each game

-Capacity: Holds over 5,000 – about 60% box and reserved and 40% general admission

-The farthest seat from the field is only 13 rows row back.

Flour Field, Greenville, SC

Fluor Field at the West End is a great place to watch a baseball game! Observing the attire of the folks at the game, it seems that many of the local baseball fans have become Red Sox fans. The weather was beautiful, the refreshments were reasonably priced, everyone was friendly, and we had great (behind home plate) seats. We had a very enjoyable afternoon, and look forward to visiting again.

Greenville Drive Mascot with Kids

 The Drive’s opponents that day were the Asheville Tourists, a Colorado Rockies affiliate. Both teams have some good young players. I plan to hang onto the (free at the park) program for a couple of years to see how many of those young prospects make it to the “show” (major leagues.)

Later Game with the Lexington Legends


Fans Always Pick Fun on the Umpires

If you find yourself in upstate South Carolina, and you’re a baseball fan, you should consider a visit to West End Field in Greenville.

(Original posting June 24, 2006)

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