How to Talk Like a New-Englander

My 1980 photo of Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, on my way into Boston after snow storm. After reading “Ahead of Fenway Bowl, SMU players struggle to define Boston terms” by Trevor Hass regarding visiting college football players from around the country visiting Boston for the 2021 Fenway Bowl football game, I became interested in compiling more […]

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Our Ancestor, Asahel Stodder

Asahel Stodder 25 October 1757–June 1822 (Age 64) Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States   Our family member, MJ,  found a page at FamilySearch with details about the life and history of Asahel Stodder where this “The Life Summary of Asahel” is posted.  The Life Summary of Asahel When Asahel Stodder was born on 25 October […]

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