Mayflower stamp marking Plymouth’s 400th anniversary released on Sept. 17, 2020

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor Forever Stamp

Purchase the new stamp at the U.S.P.S. website

where you will also find a cachet, a first-day cover and more featuring this stamp.

David Kindy of the Patriot Ledger writes:

PLYMOUTH – You could say this postage stamp has been 400 years in the making. On Thursday, the U.S. Postal Service will release a new “forever” stamp bearing the image of the Mayflower for the town’s quadricentennial at post offices across the country.

he goes on to write:

Titled “Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor,” the commemorative stamp features original art by Greg Harlin and was designed by Greg Breeding. According to the USPS, it conveys “a scene of desolate beauty at the end of the Pilgrims’ long journey to an unfamiliar world.”

“This stamp is an important milestone in the historic record of this 400th anniversary,” Pecoraro said. “The beautiful stamp art invokes a view that the Indigenous Wampanoag people may have seen when they first set eyes on this mysterious vessel in their harbor at Patuxet. Plymouth 400 thanks the USPS and gives special thanks to George McKay and the Plymouth Rock Stamp Club for their years of advocacy for this stamp.”  

Read the rest of his article and view some interesting photographs at the Patriot Ledger website. 

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Peregrine White (born aboard The Mayflower) Obituary


This cradle is believed to have been brought on the Mayflower by William and Susanna White, for the use of Peregrine White, who was born onboard the ship in November 1620 while it was anchored off the tip of Cape Cod. It is on display at the Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth.


Peregrine White

BIRTH: 27-30 November 1620 onboard the Mayflower anchored off Provincetown Harbor.

MARRIAGE: Sarah Bassett, sometime before 6 March 1648/9, probably at Marshfield.

CHILDREN: Daniel, unnamed child, Jonathan, Peregrine, Sarah, Sylvanus, and Mercy. DEATH: 20 July 1704 at Marshfield.

Peregrine White was an in utero passenger on the Mayflower, and was born onboard the ship sometime the last few days of November 1620, while it was anchored in Provincetown Harbor. He and wife Sarah lived out their lives in the town of Marshfield. He formally joined the Marshfield Church late in life, on 22 May 1696 at the age of 78. His death on 20 July 1704 prompted an obituary in the Boston Newsletter–the only known newspaper obituary for anyone directly associated with
the Mayflower’s voyage:

Marshfield, July, 22 Capt. Peregrine White of this Town, Aged Eighty three years, and Eight Months; died the 20th Instant. He was vigorous and of a comly Aspect to the last; Was the Son of Mr. William White and Susanna his Wife; born on board the Mayflower, Capt. Jones Commander, in Cape Cod Harbour, November, 1620. Was the First Englishman born in New-England. Altho’ he was in the former part of his Life extravagant; yet was much Reform’d in his last years; and died hopefully.




A drawing from about 1846 of an apple tree said to have been planted by Peregrine White on his property in Marshfield. By 1851, only the “right hand branch” was still standing, the rest had decayed and was cut away. The shoot was reportedly still standing in 1901 but had died by 1914.

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