Water Towers of the South

Water Towers of the South

As I travel around the southeastern United States with my cameras I find it interesting to check out and photograph unusual municipal (and other) water towers. These fixtures’ designs often have a lot to say about the town where they are located.

Here are a few of those that I find most artistic and interesting.

I’ll start off with one that is most unique! Gaffney, South Carolina is less than 200 miles from the Georgia line. Gaffney takes much pride in their locally grown peaches and I think this is their signal to Georgians that they feel Gaffney peaches are superior.

Gaffney’s World Famous “Peachoid”

The “Peachoid” water tank is located in Gaffney, South Carolina on Interstate 85, and can be seen for miles.

Another favorite is right here in Florida in the town of Plant City. Plant City claims to be the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World and celebrates with an annual festival. The municipal water tower is a bulbous design painted to resemble a huge strawberry. Interestingly, Plant City was not named for its strawberry plants. The city was named after prominent railroad developer Henry B. Plant.

Folkston, Georgia, “Gateway To the Okefenokee” water tower, celebrates their famous nearby swamp.

Not far away from Folkston is Waycross, Georgia, that also borders the Okefenokee swamp. Pogo Possum, born in 1943 from the imagination of Walt Kelly welcomes visitors to Waycross. In 1987, Selby Kelly granted the City of Waycross permission to adopt Pogo as it’s goodwill ambassador.

Wilson, North Carolina’s water tower is an attractive addition to their skyline.

Zebulon North Carolina Water Tower, towers over Five County Stadium, Zebulon, North Carolina, home of the Carolina Mud Cats, Carolina League affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. (“Mudcats” is Southern slang for catfish.)

Lakeland, Florida, is the home of Publix Supermarkets. Publix supermarkets do a lot of the preparation of their products that are delivered to their stores throughout the southeast in their facilities in Lakeland, Florida. This water tower designed to look like a birthday cake sits across the highway from their baked-goods factory in Lakeland. I’ve heard that the cake’s candles are lighted after dark. However, I haven’t been nearby at night.

Lucky Strike Water Tower is erected above the American Tobacco District, Durham, North Carolina. The district is now an entertainment center.

NEW Addition:

I finally got a few minutes to stop by my hometown since 1970’s water tower to shoot a couple of photos of it. Here is one-

Jacksonville Beach (Jax Beach,) Florida Water Tower. Note the letter ‘A’ in the shape of a lifeguard chair.

I have more of my water-tank photos on MY PHOTO SITE.

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Together We Served (in the United States Navy)


I enlisted in the U.S. Navy right out of high school and ended up spending about twenty years in the service. It was the Navy that brought me and my family to Mayport, Florida, where we settled in Jacksonville Beach. If you are interested in reading more about my navy service, take a look at my service summary on the Together We Served website where you view a list of the the ships and other duty stations where I served. You can view some of the travel photos I shot overseas on my photo website at Al’s Navy Travel Photos. Here are a few samples-

Mt. Etna from Catania, 1976
Fatima, Portugal, 1973

Valberg, France, 1973

Valberg, France, 1973
Tour bus stopped to put on chains, French Alps, 1973
Corinth Canal (Agean to Ionian seas) 1973
Acropolis 1973
Palma, Spain, 1973, Al with his rental car

You can also check out some shipboard photos from those days in the Military section of my photo site. Here are a couple of samples-

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Heavy Seas on Intrepid (CVA-11) 1973


Heavy Seas on Intrepid (CVA-11) 1973
Arrested  Landing on USS  Intrepid, 1973


Arrested Landing on USS Intrepid, 1973
Plane Catapulted Off USS Intrepid


Plane Catapulted Off USS Intrepid
Phantom jet Launched of  USS F.D. Roosevelt 1976.


Phantom jet Launched of USS F.D. Roosevelt 1976.


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