“The World’s Largest Truck Show”

Last week, I spent three days in Daytona Beach attending a tax conference. We were all surprised to see so many very large and high-off-the-ground pickup trucks all over town. We soon learned that Daytona’s speedway was hosting “The World’s Largest Truck Show.”

The Shores Resort Photo

Our tax conference was held at The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Shores (just south of Daytona Beach.) It is a beautiful resort and I was able to shoot photos (with my iPhone) of a couple of the trucks parked outside the resort that were in town for the truck show.

High Roller Motor Sports Entry

Two (Normal) Ford F-150s

As I drove around town to and from my hotel, restaurants, etc, I saw a huge number of the trucks. They seemed to be everywhere. I was surprised to see that Ram (f/k/a Dodge) Trucks seemed to outnumber the other manufacturers. I assume that the Rams are the favorites of the truck enthusiasts. I was encouraged to find that most of the drivers of the “large and loud” trucks were driving very responsibly.

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2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race leaves Jacksonville

2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race participants as they leave Jacksonville, Florida, headed to Traverse City, Michigan.[/caption]


Jacksonville was the starting point for 2017 Great Race. I headed out early on the morning of June 24 to get a good spot to view and photograph the cars on their way out of town. Its amazing to think that vehicles dating all the way back to 1916 could make the trip from Florida to Michigan. I found a spot a few miles north of their starting point to shoot some of the cars as they passed.

According to The Florida Times Union:

The Great Race was founded in 1983 as a speed/distance rally for classic cars, teams allowed only a guide book, speedometer and clock as they navigate country roads. The Great Racers now cruise through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, ending July 2 in Traverse City, Mich. The oldest included 1916 Hudsons and a Studebaker Racer. The newest is a 1973 Jensen Interceptor.

Florida Times Union

Here are a few of my photographs of those racers as they leave Jacksonville.

2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race participants as they leave Jacksonville, Florida


2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race participants as they leave Jacksonville, Florida
2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race participants as they leave Jacksonville, Florida


There are more photos of the racers and other vehicles in the vehicles section of my website at Photography by Allen Forrest. I would love it if you checked them out?

The 2017 Great Race finished in Traverse City, Michigan, on July 2. The Great Race 2017 website reports:

Today’s the day that we celebrate the exciting conclusion of the 2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. We’re so blessed to have this opportunity to drive old cars on the back roads of America and the excitement culminated with an excellent finish in Traverse City, Michigan. Thousands of people were on hand to watch, and we had a great time welcoming the racers through the gate. The folks at Hagerty welcomed us with open arms, and provided an excellent lunch and awards banquet. Congratulations once again to Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry for winning the race and more than $50,000 in cash and prizes. We’d also like to congratulate the other division winners:

Expert (and Overall): Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, 1932 Ford, 44.55 seconds

Grand Champion: Howard and Doug Sharp, 1916 Hudson, 1 minute and 00.72 seconds

Sportsman: Mike Weaver and Craig Jongerius, 1931 Ford Model A, 1 minute and 46.11 seconds

Rookie: Olivia and Genna Gentry, 1963 Dodge Dart, 2 minutes and 33.44 seconds

X-Cup: Galax, Virginia, 1928 Ford Model A Roadster, 4 minutes and 34.56 seconds

Congratulations to the winners and all of the participants!

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