White Squirrels of Brevard Migrating to Florida?

Brevard, North Carolina is a beautiful city in the western part of the state and is known as “the Land of Waterfalls.” It is home to Brevard College, a small private school. Here are a few of my photos from my visit to Brevard several years ago.

Brevard College is a small, private, United Methodist, liberal arts college in Brevard, North Carolina.

I shot many photos of the waterfalls in the mountains outside of Brevard. Here is one of them-

Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania County, outside Brevard, North Carolina.

According to The City of Brevard website

The legend goes that Brevard’s white squirrels originated from a carnival animal truck. According to Brevard resident Mrs. W.E. Mull, a pair of white squirrels was given to her brother-in-law, H.H. Mull, by Mr. Black of Madison, Florida, in 1949. A carnival truck had overturned near Black’s home and the squirrels were caught by Mr. Black when he observed them playing in his pecan grove.

Mull gave the critters to his niece, Barbara, who unsuccessfully tried to breed them. In 1951 she married and left home. Eventually, one of the white squirrels escaped and Mr. Mull soon let the other one go. Before long, the squirrels began breeding in the wild and appeared in several areas of town.

In fact the city has an Official White Squirrel Ambassador. Because Brevard is located at the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest, that white squirrel ambassador is named “PISGAH PENNY.”

While visiting the campus of Brevard College, I shot the following photos of the white squirrels the town is known for. 

White Squirrel on Brevard College Campus Tree, Brevard, North Carolina
Brevard White Squirrel
According to North Carolina’s “The Transylvania Times” Brevard white squirrels originated from a carnival animal truck in 1949. Before long, the squirrels began breeding in the wild and appeared in several areas of town.
Brevard White Squirrel on Campus of Brevard College
Brevard White Squirrel

Recently, I saw a squirrel with a bright white chest in the backyard of my Jacksonville Beach home . We have many gray squirrels in the area and because one of my close neighbors feeds them, I see many of them running along the fence that separates our backyards. This was the first time I’ve ever seen one here with a large portion of its fur white instead of the usual gray. Of course, I immediately thought back to my Brevard visit. 

Now, a few weeks later one of my neighbors from several blocks away posted a photo she had shot with her phone of a squirrel with a white tail in her yard. She said she’s naming it “Peter Cotton Tail.” With her permission, I am posting a copy of her photo here.

“Peter Cotton Tail,” My neighbor’s photo of a white-tailed squirrel in her yard.

Brevard College has a small but gorgeous campus! Here is a shot of one of their older buildings.

Taylor Hall at Brevard College, Brevard, North Carolina. Taylor Hall, built in 1924, is one of the oldest buildings on campus.

I will be on the lookout in my yard for any more squirrels with white fur. 

Could it be that those Brevard squirrels are moving to Florida for our warmer climate (and no personal income tax?) 

If anyone else has seen white squirrels in their area, feel free to post information about them and links to any photos they may have taken.

You can always view many more of my photos on my photo site at AllenForrest.com.

Thanks for taking a look! I truly appreciate your interest.  Please Post Your Thoughts, Comments, Corrections, and Remarks in the “Leave a Reply” Section below… \>\>\>\>\>

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