Artistic Photo Editing of Palatka Photos

I spent some time at Riverfront Park in Palatka, Florida, this week. It is a pretty spot on the St. Johns River, just south of the Memorial Bridge. I have been there many times and posted my photos of that area in the Palatka, Florida and Vicinity section of my photo website.

This time, I decided to “shoot” for some pictures that would be good candidates for artistic effects application through post-processing. Here are three of those heavily-edited photos that I shot at Palatka’s Riverfront Park.

Millennium Clock Tower
St Johns River as seen from Palatka, Florida
Palatka, Florida, Riverfront Fountains

I would love it if you checked out more of my art-inspired photos in the “Special Effects” and the “Statues, Wall Art, Sculptures” galleries of my photo site as well.

Thanks for taking a look! I truly appreciate your interest.  Please Post Your Thoughts, Comments, Corrections, and Remarks in the “Leave a Reply” Section below… >>>>>

2 thoughts on “Artistic Photo Editing of Palatka Photos

    1. Good morning, Gail, I am an amateur photographer just maintaining this website as a hobby in my spare time. I appreciate you taking a look! However, I haven’t had much success restoring old photos.


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