New Photo Posted at “Quincy Daily Photo”

It has been a while since a new photo was posted at Quincy Daily Photo, but that site is the home to great photos of my original home town, Quincy, Massachusetts. I have found many pictures there that bring back fond memories from my childhood. The blog publisher, Slim, has posted some great photos there.

The latest post talks about the old Quincy City Hospital, later named Quincy Medical Center, the place where I, my two brothers, and eldest daughter were born. It is sad to see another piece of history being replaced. The post shows the construction going on at the site, with part of the explanation saying ” It will be renovated and incorporated into a multi-family 465-unit apartment complex called Ashler Park.”

I highly recommend that folks who are interested take a look at Quincy Daily Photo and while you’re there take a look at some of the great, older photos posted there.

Here is photo of the hospital building that I shot in 1980 and a view of Boston Harbor from outside the hospital that day.

Quincy City Hospital, 1980. Quincy Medical Center was a 124-year-old teaching hospital located in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was operated by Steward Health Care System the largest fully integrated community care organization in New England. The hospital’s maternity ward was closed in 1998 but was expected to reopen.The remainder of the hospital was closed on December 26, 2014, after receiving a waiver from the department of health of the 90-day public notification rule.
View from Quincy City Hospital hill, 1980

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