“The Lonely Goatherd” from “The Sound of Music”

Julie Andrews and the children from “The Sound of Music”

“The Sound of Music”

Helen and I saw and enjoyed Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musical, “The Sound of Music,” on Broadway on our honeymoon in New York City in 1962. It was a few years later that we watched the movie on TV. I really hadn’t thought about it since.

Recently, we watched the movie again for the first time in all these years. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

One of my favorite scenes from the movie is “The Lonely Goatherd.” I found it so much fun to watch that I later found a clip of the scene on YouTube, watched it again, and I’ve included it here. In these final days of 2020 with so many serious and depressing events occurring, I received a tremendous amount of enjoyment to escape to a few wholesome entertaining moments from our past. I think you will too.

Watch “The Lonely Goatherd” from  “THE SOUND OF MUSIC” (1965) here –

The Sound of Music


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